Pat Shurmur “very confident” Ereck Flowers will succeed at right tackle

The Giants made their biggest acquisition of free agency at left tackle when they signed former Patriot Nate Solder to a four-year, $62 million contract.

Every season, more teams switch pick-and-rolls — a way to minimize help, and stay close to 3-point shooters. That first switch leaves a little guy guarding a big guy. Sometimes that mismatch doesn’t matter; fewer bigs are skilled back-to-the-basket players. But when it does, defenses increasingly use a second switch: Their other big man scurries across the paint, yanks the guard out, and takes the opposing brute himself.

Smart offenses see that switch coming, and find an open man while the two defenders are between assignments. Too many teams give up after that.

There is another counter: That second switch just shifts the small-on-big mismatch about 10 feet across the floor! If that other big guy is a post-up threat, give him the ball! That’s exactly what Indiana does here after the Clippers try to sneak Lou Williams from Thaddeus Young to Domantas Sabonis:

I get why more teams don’t try that. Toggling from one mismatch to another takes time; if you don’t start your offense early in the shot clock, you won’t have enough ticks left to pull it off. Swarming help defenses have made entry passes harder than ever. And again: Chances are that second big isn’t a post-up artist.

“I’m not this bad person that the media portrays,” Callaway said. “I mean, I can’t stress it enough. I just gotta . . . actions. Let my actions speak for me.”

Callaway would be wise not to blame himself, not the media, for any perceptions of him as a person. It wasn’t the media that led a woman to accuse him of sexual battery when he was a freshman. (He was later cleared in a Title IX investigation, although the claim he made in his defense, “I was so stoned, I had no interested in having sex with anyone,” isn’t likely to impress NFL teams.) It wasn’t the media that got Callaway cited for marijuana possession in a separate incident. And it wasn’t the media that caused Callaway to throw away his final chance on the Florida football team when he was entangled in a credit card fraud investigation.

NFL teams know what kind of athlete Callaway is. It remains to be seen whether they are convinced he is the kind of person they want on their team.

I just wanted to say I enjoy watching Otto Porter play basketball. We tend to talk about third and fourth options in specialist terms: spot-up guy, stopper, rim protector, shooter. You know what Otto Porter is? A goddamned basketball player.bills_055

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