Falcons safety Ricardo Allen signs RFA tender

cowboys_077The Falcons wanted to make sure not to lose Ricardo Allen this offseason, and the significance isn’t lost on him.

According to Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com, the Falcons safety has signed his restricted free agent tender, which is worth $2.914 million this year.

They tendered him at the second-round level to deter other teams from trying to pry him away.

A UVA athletics spokesperson was asked where Mendenhall got his statistics. The response? No idea.

We’ve got no idea regarding what Mendenhall is trying to prove, but it’s safe to say that the coaches against whom he recruits will be printing and laminating his comments for use in recruiting.

Vince in a very sort of clear-eyed way analyzed the original XFL [and] realized that there are a number of things that needed to be done better, Luck said last week in a visit to the #PFTPM podcast. Clearly there was a belief that the quality of play simply wasn’t at the point that it needed to be, particularly when you consider there was national television. We’re going to be very, very focused, laser-like focused on making sure that as we prepare for a 2020 launch. The good news is we have the time to do this in a very sort of methodical manner. Very focused on producing a high level of play. We believe that football is popular because people understand it in many cases in this country and want to make sure that we’re offering a great level of play.

I think our business plan is solid. I think the capital structure and that money of course is coming from Vince who’s got an incredible passion for the game. I think that’s solid. All in all I think that lessons were learned from the original league. Also I think at the end of the day, it’s a little bit of a different era in the sense of technology and what we have available both from a health and safety standpoint, for players, for coaches in terms of competition on the field, for practice, for fan engagement. I think it’s almost a different world if you think about what was around 2001 versus today. I think that’s going to be a real benefit for us.

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