Jerry Jones: No timeline for Jason Witten to finalize his decision

The Cowboys still don’t have a final decision on Jason Witten, and Jerry Jones said the tight end can have all the time he needs. Having said that, the Cowboys owner added that Witten asked for the weekend to finalize his plans.

So Witten likely will inform the team of his decision early next week. Barring a last-minute change of heart, it’s expected the 15-year veteran will retire.

“As I saw Troy [Aikman] say, that’s his decision, and he’s got the time to make it,” Jones said. “He deserves the time to make that. I don’t have a timeline on it. I do know that when we left [Friday], he certainly thought he wanted the weekend to come to some conclusion.”

Smart as hell. You need that tight end position. One of the things that had made Jason Witten what he is is how smart he is. Boy, they’ve got a lot of things that you’d like to ask them to do if they can handle it all. This guy’s got that, so he was a player that certainly when you have to think about Jason not being here, then you’ve got to say that that enhanced his appeal. On the other hand, we didn’t put any air in him at all from where we were when we were talking about him before, and we still don’t know Jason’s decision.”

Romo and Bryant had a great connection when they were together. But then Bryant got paid and Romo retired to do television and Bryant wasn’t nearly as healthy or productive as he had been.

Whether Romo’s endorsement helps his old receiver scare up a job remains to be seen. Bryant wants to find a team to give him a one-year deal so he can hit reset and cash in in 2019. He’d prefer it to be in the NFC East to play the Cowboys twice a year, but so far no one has shown interest in giving him that opportunity.

The Giants should take him on a one year prove it. If he acts up in camp cut him. He was hurt and unhappy last year so factor that into his stats. With the firepower the Giants have he won’t see a lot of heavy coverage. If they can keep Manning upright Bryant could be an awesome addition. And forget the Brandon Marshall deal. He went down in, what, the third game, and never got a chance to show anything.broncos_055_3b22e7dc28197a3c-180x180

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