James expanded on those thoughts in a video with The Uninterrupted.

Eagles fans were hard to spot at the White House.

It’s unclear how many Eagles fans actually attended the replacement event, though sources on the ground indicate the fans that were there might not have been die-hard.

Asked a few attendees if they were Birds fans and they looked at me quizzically, which sort of answered the question.

Trump said the Eagles were abandoning their fans, but, by all appearances, not many fans were there.

The understanding must be that this will not end. The presidency will continue its attack on the soul of the black athlete. Trump will always attack black athletes because they pose a threat to his form of white power. To strike back, to scold men he believes to be uppity and selfish, is to reassure his base.

All of us in the NFL are saddened by the passing of Dwight Clark. Dwight made many memorable contributions on the field as a two-time Super Bowl champion and later as a member of the front office of the 49ers and Browns. He will forever live on in our memories for The Catch but also for his kind, gentle and courageous spirit. We send our deepest sympathies and love to Dwight’s wife Kelly, his family, teammates, and the many people whose lives he touched, including mine, throughout his career and life.

Dwight was a vibrant, charismatic soul!!! Jennifer and I are heartbroken over his passing. While we knew it was inevitably coming, it came way too soon! We are grateful for the decades of love and friendship we shared. We are praying for Dwight, his family and for all your prayers also. We will miss you dearly! Love Jennifer and Joe Montana.

There has been a nearly unbroken streak of politicians using black athletes to push policy or political agendas. Joe Louis was the son of an Alabama sharecropper, a heavy-handed pugilist. In 1940 he endorsed GOP front man Wendell Wilkie, even having the campaign craft buttons for black voters reading Joe and I for Wilkie. Jesse Owens was born to those same Alabamian fields. By 1936 he was sprinting against German athletes, fighting Hitler’s Germany and became an American hero, though often clashing with Jackie Robinson about their role in the Civil Rights movement.

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